Oklahoma State previews the 2013 season and Mississippi State

There's a moment at every rodeo when that one bull comes into the shoot to battle that one rider.
It's the biggest, baddest bull with the best rider, and it's one of the things that everyone is waiting to see. The bull's trying to bust out of the gate with all his might while the rider holds on for dear life until that chute finally flies open.
That's the best way to describe the Oklahoma State football team at the moment. A prize bull, trying to bust that chute open with all its might.
The Cowboys finally hosted their first preview luncheon for the matchup with Mississippi State next Saturday. Since the team has been speaking to media since fall camp began, there weren't many noteworthy things to come out of the luncheon, but there were a few points.
Kip Smith has been named the punter for the 2013 season. We had heard that (and put it on the message boards) a few weeks ago, but Mike Gundy officially said that he will handle the duties today. Smith is also expected to handle the kickoffs, while freshman Ben Grogan will handle place-kicking.
Charlie Moore said that Josh Stewart and David Glidden will handle punt return duties. Gundy also added that Ra'Shaad Samples is a guy that could also see time back there.
Justin Gilbert remembers watching the 2011 National Championship game and thinking "We should be there," which is a direct quote from the cornerback. He said it's been in his mind here and there while the team prepares for Mississippi State, but a few of his teammates said they weren't even thinking about it. We'll have a story on this later.
Glenn Spencer said that Ryan Simmons has fit well in the Will linebacker spot since Alex Elkins graduated after last season. We're expecting to see a lot of Simmons, as well as Caleb Lavey, Shaun Lewis, and Joe Mitchell, whom Spencer said he was all considering as starters.
Mike Yurcich believes that his offense still isn't quite to where he wants it to be on speed. He said he doesn't want to get the "carriage before the horse" when it comes to speed, meaning that he wants to make sure the team is fundamentally sound, and is in the right formations before he really places major emphasis on speed. Jeremy Smith said he's noticed a major pick-up in speed from last season, but that he thinks they'll get faster.
Justin Gilbert also said he's lost "about five pounds" since last season. He said he feels a little lighter when he runs, but that it isn't anything to worry about.
Yurcich also said that he doesn't envision one guy being their premiere guy this season. Last season, Gundy said that he expected Joseph Randle to be the leading receiver, but he wouldn't name who he expects to do that this season yet.