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Cool story...

Had a buddy I hunt with kill a good deer. Had another buddy refer him to a Taxidermist. The harvester wanted me to go with him to make sure things went well...The taxidermist was a log-time family friend that I hadn't talked to much in the last ten years; just off and on. I have called him and talked to him a few times about things I should do deer hunting, or ran into him at his families business...and he never mentioned that he had started a taxidermy business.

Anyway, he is located by Lake Murray in Ardmore and he does good work. He is just starting out and seems to stay pretty busy but he only charges $300. Which that is much cheaper than everybody else around here and he gets them done quick. He told my buddy yesterday that he will have his mount back by Christmas.

Posted on 11/24 8:47 AM | IP: Logged

Wow, that is cheap. Almost too cheap. I have several friends that are taxidermists, and I know what they have in the forms, eyes, nasal septum, etc...

Not to mention hide tanning; paint, adhesives, time...

Posted on 11/24 10:46 AM | IP: Logged

Chase, being just south of the border near Ardmore, I'd like to know his name in case i get to use him next year....

Posted on 11/24 10:55 AM | IP: Logged

Eden, he told me that he had quite a bit in each deer and it seemed like it wasn't much of a profit. I thought he was BS'n me since my buddy was there..guess not! There are tons of chemicals he has to use, and that seems to be the biggest cost.

TCP... his/their name is Josh and Jason Pittman and they are avid outdoorsman as well as good dudes. They do have a website and the phone number is (580) 362-0018.

Posted on 11/24 11:32 AM | IP: Logged

RUN!!! if he would have his deer back by Christmas then you will NOT get a long term good deal. A deer's cape needs to be tanned well to stand up to the test of time and the quick method will not do it. It needs to be sent off and tanned like you would a rug.

Your getting what you pay for.

Posted on 11/24 3:12 PM | IP: Logged

Originally posted by Dally1up:
RUN!!! if he would have his deer back by Christmas then you will NOT get a long term good deal. A deer's cape needs to be tanned well to stand up to the test of time and the quick method will not do it. It needs to be sent off and tanned like you would a rug.

Your getting what you pay for.

^^^This +1

Posted on 11/24 3:24 PM | IP: Logged

Yae 300 is only making about 50-100 dollars that's if he uses good products. I started doing taxidermy a couple of years ago and I charge friends and family 300 and that usually gives me a 75 dollar profit if nothing goes wrong. As far as him getting it back by Christmas it can be done but I can promise you he won't garauntee it not to drum up. You can use a new product that does the tanning in a few days. I won't let a mount leave my shop unless it's been done for at least 3 weeks so I can make sure everything is kosher. If the hide is good after the three weeks it should be good forever unless it is subjected to extreme heat. I'm gonna start taking animals from the public by next deer season. Hopefully!

Posted on 11/24 7:08 PM | IP: Logged

Dally, you mind if I tell him this? He may have been sold on the idea by somebody else and decided it was good? They pretty much started this deal like pokesfanforlife and are now to the public phase; but he has some good mounts that he has done that are his least I think they look good.

Also, I know that he tans them twice and uses several different types of chemicals after the tanning. I think that he called one of them "cape rot" and said it was to prevent.

Posted on 11/25 9:34 AM | IP: Logged

Do what you want but they come back looking fine. It is the long term effects of a "quick tanned" hide that is bad. Ask a Veteran, reputable, taxidermist before deciding. The quick tan chemicals are nothing new.

Posted on 11/25 11:27 AM | IP: Logged

Thanks for the info! You have a timeframe on how long it takes for this to show?

Posted on 11/25 1:27 PM | IP: Logged

Whats up guys, I am one of the J's in J&J Taxidermy that Mr. Pollard has so kindly plugged on this forum. Sounds like there are some misconceptions as to the quality associated with our work. Initially, the price issue shakes out like this: It costs me around $100 in supplies generally speaking to take a deer from dead on the ground to hangin on the wall. This is using premium materials from reputable companies, i.e. no Van Dykes forms or eyes used, all Mckenzie/ Matt Thompson/ Ben Mears, etc. Some one cited a higher price than this to complete the work, and there are additional expenses that could be incurred, but as any business that wants to be profitable and competitive, you find ways to reduce cost and maximize profit while still maintaining an industry standard extended cost to the customer. The additional materials which would inflate the cost are geared to 1 of 2 audiences, either the "PREMIUM" $500+ mount, i.e. custom made forms etc.,or the beginner that is not as adept at molding ears,setting eyes, etc. The cost basis we maintain is relatively low since we do everything and profit equates to $100 for me and $100 for my busines partner when fees are collected per deer. Combined we will have 6 to 8 hrs work time in each deer (some only take 4hrs some take 10hrs) so that comes out to about $25-$30 an hour to do the work. I figure thats pretty fair considering its median in extended price as far as the local industry goes. Now to address the quality. First, we havent been comercial for too long, so we are still trying to build up a clientel and some name recognition, but that in no way indicates the quality of the training or the products we put out. We were trained by a veteran of the taxidermy industry who has been in business for close to 20 yrs. The work I have which was done by them and is 10+ yrs old has absolutely no problems except for the dust I have let it collect. The "Quick Tan" method we employ is liqua-tan, and you can go to and read all the fights about liquatan vs. wet tanning methods if you want to know more about it. There is also a method (which we dont use) which uses only a descecant type dry preservative. Ultimately the difference btw what we do and the more "traditional" tanning methods is obviously time, and the difference in durability btw a rawhide bone that you might give to your dog (the durability associated with liquitan treated hide), vs. the durability of the leather on a coat or a pair of boots. Try throwing 1 of each in the back yard and see which one fido destroys 1st. Our "Mentor" gave us this little piece of advice to pass on to customers " A shoulder mount or bird that you hang on the wall is just like a picture you hang on the wall, Its made to look at from the 'front' its not something made to be handled or petted or snuggled with, if you want a deer hide rug or blanket go buy one, if you want your deer preserved in a lifelike pose that will hang on your wall till your wife makes you hang it in the garage, bring it to me."
BY THE BY WE AINT BUSY ENOUGH YET SO KEEP 'em COMIN IN, and incidentally, Pollard's buddy came and got his deer this week...he wasnt disapointed.

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Posted on 12/15 8:54 AM | IP: Logged

Post some good pics, or e-mail them to me and I will get the site owner to put them up.

Send the one he killed with Archer and the one he killed with Henry...if you have one of Bloom's send it. It looked good! or

Posted on 12/15 10:13 AM | IP: Logged

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