June 16, 2013

Forgrave: Smart returned to OSU for second year due to wrist injury

In front of a packed out Student Union, OSU point guard Marcus Smart announced that he'd be returning to the Cowboy basketball team for the 2013-14 season.

The students quickly promoted him to saint status, while media scrambled for the story that no one could really get.

It was reported that Smart had wrestled with the decision throughout the weeks after the team's first round exit from the NCAA Tournament, and most thought he would head for the NBA after winning the Big 12 Player of the Year award.

When he announced his return, some believed that it was because of the team goals he had set for his squad-A conference championship, and a National Championship.

Since the decision, he's started his circuit of basketball camps for the summer, with the latest being the Team USA tryouts for the U-19 squad.

Reid Forgrave, a national basketball writer for FOX, was on-site covering the tryouts and got to talk to Smart about the decision, the first time anyone has had that chance due to the semester ending and students heading home for the summer.

They talked, and Forgrave posted the results on his Twitter account.

@ReidForgrave: Great talk (with Marcus Smart) on why return to Ok St. End season left bad taste… But also hurt wrist in (the NCAA tournament), couldn't lift ball til May.

@ReidForgrave: If Marcus Smart's wrist healthy, probably going to the NBA, he told me. But pumped for 1 more year of college: "I get to be a kid for 1 more year."

Maybe the decision wasn't as cut-and-dry as people initially thought.

Smart was projected as high as the first-overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, but if the wrist was as big an issue as Forgrave made it seem, maybe there's more to it.

We don't have a real great chance at talking to Smart about it until school starts in August, but it seems that there's definitely a deeper story here that might not have surfaced yet.

Either way, Oklahoma State has its best point guard in school history back for a second year, and that alone is enough to not really care about why he's there if you're a Cowboy fan.

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